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Best Pilates Classes in Arlington TX

Experience The Pilates Effect in Arlington, Texas, and discover the amazing benefits of Pilates!

Finding the right exercise routine is critical to our overall health but also finding a place that fits your vibe is just as important. You want to feel welcome, comfortable, and in an environment that motivates you with instructors that are encouraging.

The Pilates Effect Offers the Best Pilates Classes in Arlington!
“This is the cleanest, modern, comfortable and most well equipped Pilates studio ever!!!! The teaching staff is second to none. Every session is not only different in content, but with a small class and personal guidance, a very empowering and thorough workout. Love this place and encourage anyone to try this out!!!!” - Lynette Coleman-Falck
“My Husband & I highly recommend The Pilates Effect! All around Awesome Studio, classes with Very Knowledgeable Instructors who are Kind & Patient. Clean equipment & space! We've Enjoyed working with Cami, Helen & Carmen.” - Bridgett Meggs

One thing we hear a lot is how small our class sizes are and
our clients LOVE it!

Our classes feel more like a private session compared to our competitors who cram as many people in as possible. We take pride in our Arlington community and our Pilates Studio reflects that in everything we do. From the moment you walk in and sign up for your first class to the moment class is over and you're headed out the door, you will love The Pilates Effect. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you!

Consider this your invitation to experience
The Pilates Effect for yourself.

Check out our website for class details or stop by the studio in the heart of Arlington, just minutes from downtown at the Shoppes at Brownstone Village, 2410 West Abram suite 112, Arlington, Texas. Feel free to give us a call, we’re here to help. Call (214) 558-0996

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make.

At The Pilates Effect, we believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness are worth the challenge. We have developed training regimes for all levels of people, and our instructors are kind and patient while also constantly adapting programs to fit the needs of our clients. Pilates is exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture, and mental awareness.

At The Pilates Effect we offer:

  • Group Pilates Classes

  • Matt Pilates

  • Private one-on-one Pilates Sessions

  • Athletic Pilates Training

  • Rehabilitation Pilates

  • Reformer and more!

If you want to go far, we’ll help you get you there. If you want to take a more relaxed approach, we got you. Pick and choose the classes that fit your desires, and your schedule. The Pilates Effect is a fully equipped Pilates Studio dedicated to your overall well-being.


Experience The Pilates Effect

Stop by the Pilates Effect studio at The Shoppes at Brownstone Village at 2410 W Abram, Ste 112 in Arlington, TX, or schedule your Pilates class online today.

Call us at (214) 558-0996

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