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Cami Grasher is a Board Certified Nutritional Consultant, Board Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, DUTCH Testing Interpreter, Functional Hormone Expert, Certified Genetics Interpreter, and Certified Pilates Instructor in Arlington, TX.

Her goal is to support your specific wellness goals. Together, she'll develop a personalized plan designed just for you!

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Nutritional Services
Specializing in:

  • Weight loss

  • Hormones

  • Gut health

  • Inflammation

  • Thyroid health

  • Menopause


  • Insomnia

  • Migraines

Cami Grasher Nutritional Health Consultant
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As Your Healthy Concepts Nutrition Consultant and Holistic Health Practitioner, I offer you unyielding support and perspective when you need to transcend your inner challenges and rise to your true potential. Let's work together to achieve your health and wellness goals.

I offer full nutritional consultations for individual needs geared towards your specific concerns or goals. This also includes weight loss, hormonal issues, menopause, detox, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disorders, and more. Nutritional and natural health gets to the root cause of any health concerns or issues by addressing general health foundations, primarily nutrition, and by supporting the organ and body systems. This support enables the body to heal from any roadblocks naturally and to restore the body to an optimal level of health.

I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why my mission is simple: give my clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures. Get in touch to get started!

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No matter what my client's health issues have become, I treat the entire patient. This cannot be accomplished without a comprehensive approach to your personal Nutritional health, hormonal health, and general health foundations. During your initial appointment, I take the time to get to know you, your family history, medical history, symptoms, weight and dieting history, your overall lifestyle, your hormonal health, your habits, and your goals for yourself. After reviewing your intake information, I will construct a plan to help you begin to develop a picture of your overall health combined with implemented guidance and support to help you reach your goals. Together we will routinely evaluate your progress, food logs, supplement use, any issues and symptoms to determine what additional support, changes or testing may be needed.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”

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DUTCH is an acronym that stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. It is a simple, but sophisticated test that looks not just at your hormones, but how your body processes and metabolizes them. In working with women’s health and hormones, one of the biggest areas of debate is hormone testing. Women are confused about how and when to test hormone levels. This sometimes confusing health topic is leaving women left without optimal treatment and sometimes without any treatment at all for hormonal disturbances that can be debilitating. However, women can now benefit due to science coming up with real solutions.

Understanding if you have hormonal imbalances and how they play a part in your health related symptoms can now be understood.

The DUTCH test looks not just at your reproductive hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, but it also looks at your stress hormones such as cortisol, your androgens (male pattern hormones), melatonin and the organic acids test – markers for mood like serotonin, nutritional balances including B vitamin metabolism, along with DNA damage in the body.


The DUTCH test is the best available test because of how it measures hormone metabolites. While differing from blood serum testing, the level or amount of your hormones do matter, but what can matter more is what your body is doing with those hormones, this is metabolism. For example, the DUTCH test can tell you if your body turns testosterone into nasty acne-promoting 5a-DHT,  if your body turns estradiol into DNA damaging 4-OH estrone. It also lets you know if you are metabolizing and eliminating excess estrogen from your body in a healthy manner and through the healthy pathways of elimination.

This is valuable information for women who are struggling with stress,  anxiety, decreased libido, mood swings, fatigue, PMS, fertility issues, PCOS, weight related issues, hair loss, inflammation, low motivation/depression, trouble sleeping, and insomnia.

If you are considering bioidentical hormones (BHRT) for perimenopause or menopause symptoms, then the DUTCH test is highly recommended at the initial visit to understand how you will metabolize the hormones. 

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Committed to empowering you to live a better and healthier life through a personalized program.

Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body, and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, I can give you the tools to begin your journey to a new you - the real you!



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