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Benefits of Pilates and Yoga

Restore Balance & Harmony to your Mind, Body & Spirit

When Pilates and Yoga are combined as part of your regular health and wellness routine, something truly beautiful happens! Creating a perfect balance between building strength, stretching and lengthening muscles, stability, and mindful movements.

Pilates & Yoga - Transformative and Powerful Combination

I decided to incorporate Yoga in The Pilates Effect studio wellness offerings because I understand the amazing benefits my clients will experience having options for both Yoga and Pilates classes under one roof. Most people are surprised when they learn that by practicing both Pilates and Yoga you get results faster. Helping you to reach your health and wellness goals is my top priory so it just makes sense to offer both.

Practicing both Pilates and Yoga enables you to dive deep into the relationship between relaxation and movement. Utilizing the combination of both will help you experience true balance and harmony.

Yoga will teach you to careful patterns of movement with grace and awareness.

Yoga mostly focuses on mindful relaxation from a meditative and spiritual perspective, with flowing movements and poses held for longer periods of time, allowing you to fully connect with yourself on a spiritual level.

Pilates can help us to relearn proper body movements and mechanics.

Pilates focuses on mindfulness and mind, body connection but with more attention on your core muscle groups, teaching your body how to move correctly so that everyday activity movement is also correct and in good form.

Both Pilates and Yoga will help you nurture and understand the mind, Body, and Spirit connection and how to continue to effectively strengthen that connection throughout your life.

Another great benefit of taking both Pilates and Yoga classes is to keep your body guessing! By incorporating different types of exercise that complement each other, we get quicker results and gain greater awareness of how we move and perform. Your body loves to be challenged! Many people do the same routine over and over and over without changing it up and wonder why they stop making progress. If you’re not changing it up, you will inevitably hit a plateau. With both Pilates and Yoga, you can change the narrative and give your body the best chance for complete health and longevity that reaches far beyond the walls of the studio.

Pilates and Yoga, The Perfect Combination Join us at The Pilates Effect in Arlington for Pilates and Yoga classes!

Our classes are kept small so you can enjoy the fullness of Yoga instruction in a small, intimate class setting. Check the schedule online for class availability.

Rise and shine with Jackson for Sunrise Gentle Yoga and start your day off in total harmony.

Our Gentle Yoga or “Slow Flow” class with Jackson Hall, is a gentle style of yoga practice that is performed at a slower pace, with an emphasis on breathing and quiet reflection. With less intense positions, combined with meditation and breath work, you will leave your class feeling more relaxed, flexible in your body, clear-minded, and with a complete sense of calm in your nervous system.

Discover total balance and harmony for your mind, body, and spirit, gently.

Offering Sunrise Yoga at 6:00 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Check the schedule for availability.


Experience The Pilates Effect in Arlington, Texas!

Conveniently located in The Shoppes at Brownstone Village at 2410 W Abram, Ste 112 Arlington, TX 76013

Call or text (214) 558-0996

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