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Best Yoga Pilates Studio Arlington

Yoga & Pilates - A Powerful Combination for Mind, Body & Spirit

There’s often a preference for one over the other, either Pilates or Yoga. However, more and more people are finding benefits from both!

Cami Grasher, Owner/ Instructor at The Pilates Effect in Arlington, has a vision to bring more wellness offerings to the Arlington community. Ensuring that there’s something for everyone, at every fitness level.

Adding Yoga to The Pilates Effect Studio allows our clients to have choices for their health and wellness goals.

Combining both Yoga and Pilates into your routine allows for total transformation, for your mind, body & spirit. Even though there are similarities in each practice, there are also significant differences that allow for growth in all areas of your health.

The Pilates Effect Yoga instructor, Erika Yentes says, “Yoga is a nice, gentle way to get your body moving with breath. It’s terrific for not only the body but for your mind and spirit.

While I’m doing yoga, I am at peace and in my happy place.

Learning to move the body without strenuous exercise is vital, especially as we get older.

Yoga has strengthened me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I want yoga to do for others what it has done for me.” Erika Yentes, Yoga Instructor at The Pilates Effect

Join Erika for Wellness Wednesdays with Gentle Flow Yoga at The Pilates Effect Studio in Arlington Wednesdays at 5:00 pm & 6:00 pm

Pilates classes are available for all fitness levels. Schedule online at or call/text (214) 558-0996

Complete Balance & Control

More than physical exercise, Pilates has also been proven to improve mental focus and receive stress. Because we use mind-body techniques, you will gain full awareness of your complete self, mind, body & spirit.

Check out our schedule on Mind/Body online and book your Yoga and Pilates Class in Arlington at The Pilates Effect!

Some Amazing and Effective Benefits of Pilates Include:

Reduce lower back pain

Increases and enhances focus

Safe & effective rehabilitation of spinal & joint injuries

Increases flexibility

Promote good posture and alignment

Lengthen & tones muscles

Reduce, and Maintain weight

Improves Spinal stabilization

Strengthens core muscles

Improves muscle control

Boosts energy

​Establishes & Improves balance

Relieve stress

​Establishes & Improves balance

Improve the quality of sleep

Improves circulation


Experience The Pilates Effect in Arlington, Texas!

Conveniently located in The Shoppes at Brownstone Village at 2410 W Abram, Ste 112 Arlington, TX 76013

Call or text (214) 558-0996

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